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July 1, 2018
Sichuan Greenwich
May 28, 2018


Fabrication Film came to me for a website to showcase their vast portfolio. They offer a range of services in multiple fields and wanted a website that was easy to navigate and sort through the different types of projects. After liaising closely, We went with black main colour for a cinematic backdrop as a lot of the services are film/photography based and I felt this would frame the work nicely. I decided to use Wordpress (muffin builder) to build the website as this was the most economical and easiest way to allow the client to manage, edit and add to their own portfolio when needed and instructed them on how to use the tool. To sort through the project types I instructed the client to have each portfolio piece per project instead of per subject/content type and to use the integrated Javascript filter in the template to sort through the projects by category.
I liaised with the client and worked out what content she wanted on site. I then suggested some methods of how to group content and drew some rough wireframes for how the site was going to layout.