hosTOFU Mock up
Hostofu Webhosting
July 5, 2018
Fabrication Film Screenshot
Fabrication Film
May 29, 2018


At Gamesys, we design promotions to increase interaction with the user and give them bonus prizes through mini-games. This promotion was based on our "wheel mechanic" which is a spinning wheel with a ticker that lands on a selected prize. I decided to use the spinning mechanic but replaced the ticker with a fishing rod and made the fish spin instead of our usual wheel visual. This made the promotion more interactive and game-like. When the member's fishing reel hits the fish you go through to the success screen and claim your prize. I designed and illustrated all the assets in this promotion including the Logo. I designed concepts, implemented and instructed developers on requirements, handing over relevant assets and then QA the promo to live.

Template & Design Process

Final On Site Banner

Promo Journey